Hydraulic Tongs for the Drilling Industry

We manufacture and sell hydraulic tongs for use in all drilling industries including down-the-hole (oil well drilling, water well drilling, construction, mining) and horizontal directional drilling. All of these types of drilling deal with drills and hammers/drill bits. Hydraulic chain tongs are the solution to many seemingly unsolvable problems. There can be many uses for hydraulic tongs:
  • Break Out Stuck Pipes & Hammers - When pipes are stuck together due to over-torquing, the standard equipment that is available on rigs usually just won't cut it. Hydraulic tongs can do it safely in minutes: Read More
  • Make Up Pipes and Hammers With Specific Torquing - Some pipes and hammers require specific torque: Read More
  • Remove Hammer from HDD Rig Drill - When Horizontal Directional Drilling rigs drill under bodies of water or other non-traversable terrain, the hammer/drill bit needs to be removed from the end of the drill using other means: Read More
  • Testing in the Shop - Before drilling, many shops test different pipe sizes and hammers which commonly get stuck: Read More
  • Drilling Contractors Need Portability - Many drilling contractors cannot transport large equipment to job sites and need something portable yet powerful: Read More
  • Preventing Accidents - Using hydraulic tongs can prevent accidents because it replaces parts of the drilling process that normally require workers to put themselves in danger: Read More

Hydraulic Tong ExamplesClick each thumbnail to see larger pictures of hydraulic tongs

Hydraulic Tong for In-Shop Use

In-Shop Tong

Portable Hydraulic Tong

Portable Tong On Wheels

Hydraulic Tong for Use on an Oil Rig

Rig Service Tong

Drilling IndustriesThat Use Hydraulic Tongs

  • Oil Drilling Oil Rigs Need Hydraulic Tongs
  • Water Well Drilling Water Well Drillers Need Hydraulic Tongs
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) HDD Rigs Need Hydraulic Tongs
  • Mining / Blast Hole Mining Rigs Need Hydraulic Tongs
  • Construction Construction Needs Hydraulic Tongs
  • Geothermal Drilling Geothermal Drillers Need Hydraulic Tongs